Song Lyric Sunday: I Won’t Back Down — MMA Storytime

For this week’s Song Lyric Sunday, the prompt asked writers to unearth a song—either written or sung—by someone named Tom, Dick, or Harry. The ideal song to welcome to such a challenge is also a recognizable tune that pulls Chris “The All-American” Weidman, the UFC’s former Middleweight Champion, from behind the curtain to the center […]

Song Lyric Sunday: I Won’t Back Down — MMA Storytime

Ten-Sentence Story Challenge #1 — MMA Storytime

Welcome to MMA Storytime’s Ten-Sentence Story Challenge! Each week, writers who choose to participate will be given a prompt and ten sentences. Much like two mixed martial artists meeting in the cage: a minimal ruleset can create endless possibility and wild excitement. Prompted words or themes will be posted each Monday, and writers will have […]

Ten-Sentence Story Challenge #1 — MMA Storytime
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